After studying image consulting at FIT and practicing as a personal stylist, I realized there was a gap in how I had been taught and what I wanted to be able to deliver.  My clients lacked a vision for who they wanted to be or how that woman looks.  I searched for a process to show the outside world the amazing qualities my clients already had on the inside — and found nothing.  So, I set to work.

What Flatters + What Matters + Your Dream = Your Personal Style

With my formula, you can intentionally prime yourself to be the best version of you — and step into the person you want to become.

What Flatters

Did you know that there are 5 elements to knowing what flatters you? This is a closely-held secret that image consultants would rather keep to themselves, but one of the pillars of my business is transparency. To me, it’s just data!

What Matters

Did you know that style is language you can use to tell the world what matters to you?  We know this intuitively, but no one has ever spelled it out. One of the pillars of my business is compassion and my approach is strengths-based.  It is my purpose to ensure you control your message.

Your Dream

Did you know that personal style can help you make your dreams come true?  Edith Head, the famous Hollywood costume designer, once said, “You can have anything in life if you dress for it.”  Science has showed this through the study of embodied cognition.  One of the pillars of my business is modernity and my approach is evidence-based.  I stay on top of the research so you don’t have to — and use tech to make it easy.


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