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This past weekend, I went skiing with friends and family and injured my knee on the first run down.  Over Halloween, I injured my ankle.  During the move, I injured my neck and shoulder.  You could say I’ve been getting injured a lot!

During this period, I’ve come against a number of common personal style blocks:  comfort, body size and time.


Over the next few weeks, I’m going to explore these common style blocks and share with you the solutions I’ve used myself and offered my clients.


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Comfort First

Many women cite comfort as the reason they cannot embrace personal style. However, this is an excuse — not a reason. It is absolutely possible to mix comfort and great personal style, especially in this era of the sneaker!

In fact, currently, I’m almost exclusively wearing sneakers.  I need to be solid on the ground and make sure I don’t make my injury worse.  I love the idea of slip-ons for ease, but I feel the need for laces to feel the shoes are solidly on my feet.  While I’m all about safety, my sneakers are seriously cute!

You can feel beautiful without pain.

Would you be surprised to know that Chanel got her start designing comfortable dresses for the modern woman?  Chanel invented jersey for a reason:  she was a busy, ambitious woman on the move.  She wanted to look and feel great without sacrificing one iota of style.  You are, too!

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Many women hold onto their favorite shoes, wearing them into the ground, afraid to let them go.


Common Client Issue:  “I need comfortable shoes!”

Many of my clients come to me with foot issues.  Almost every single one tells me this with an apology.  Why?  Because she feels she’s the only woman who can’t wear “pretty” shoes and mourns the loss.

No.  Foot issues comes from years of wearing shoes that do not actually support your feet.  You do not need to wear uncomfortable shoes to look and feel great!  In fact, I haven’t worn an uncomfortable shoe in 9 years!


How We Solve It: 

  • Add a fancy, decorated sneaker to your simple Casual Friday or Weekend looks.
  • Try a flat over-the-knee or Chelsea boot with skirts and dresses.
  • If you have issues with your calves, wide-calf options exist or you can look for a boot with a stretch panel in back (or both).
  • If you can’t wear flats, try a low heel.


Some Suggestions:


comfort, boots with dresses, over-the-knee boot, black boot with suits
Calvin Klein Over-the-Knee Boots (ON SALE $159)
chealsea boot, boots with skirts, low boot with dress, comfort, personal style
Cole Haan Chelsea Boot (ON SALE $139)
comfort, personal style, sneaker, fancy sneakers, sneaker with weekend outfit
Steve Madden Sneaker ($89)






Above are some of the simple and easy tactics I use with clients (and on myself) to deal with foot issues.  There are many elements, tricks and tactics we can employ to help you look and feel your best every single day — these are just a few.  Try them and see if they work for you!


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