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Love Your Befores and Afters

July 31, 2014

Globetrotter Style Day

Would you love to transform your style 
from head-to-toe?

  • Start your Style Day by learning exactly what flatters you and why.
  • Continue with a hair or make-up consultation, as you begin to dream about your personal style.
  • Launch your look during your Signature Look Lunch, when we'll explore how to convey what makes you truly beautiful.
  • Then, put your style into action with a Personal Shopping Afternoon, capped off with a healthy smoothie stop.

Globetrotter Style Day - $1750/1250E
Define Your True Beauty
Cafe Stop

How can your style reflect your true beauty?

- Signature Style Assessment
- Private Personal Style Passport
- Define Your True Beauty Session
- Personal Style Pinterest Board

Transform Your Look

Begin your makeover with
a professional make-up or 
hair styling consultation

Dream about your personal
style while you get pampered
and update your look

Signature Look Lunch

What specific look do you
 need for your life?

- Signature Look Assessment
- Explore Your Color Message
- Discover Your Style Words

Personal Shopping Afternoon

How can you find the pieces you need?

- Find What Flatters You
- Buy What You Love
- Respect your Budget

- Celebrate Your Style 
Smoothie Stop
Trevor says:
Trevor in his new uniform.  Doesn't he look great?

"Allison was insightful, attentive and listened attentively to my likes and dislikes.  Finding practical textiles, colours and style to suit my business environment.  From greeting new clients to shifting grand pianos, Allison found flat-soled shoes as requested.  Attention to detail is second to none.  I would recommend her without reserve!"

See Trevor's old clothes in a pile on the counter? 

Give yourself the permission to receive:
  • The full-service ease of your own personal style guide
  • A complete style makeover that works with your life
  • The power that comes with leveraging what makes you amazing into a first impression that wows everyone!

Leverage your style -- right now.
Book your Globetrotter Style Day Package today!
Package Price:  $1750/ 1250E

Feel (handsome) and confident every day.

July 28, 2014

3 Tips to Get Ready for Swimsuit Season

Ah -- summer!

If the thought of putting on a swimsuit fills you with dread or if you want to reignite your commitment to your health with the coming of Summer, this post is for you!

I asked my fitness and health guru, Shannon Sodano, to give us 3 quick and easy tips to get us ready for swimsuit season.

I love Shannon's holistic approach to health and fitness.  I hope you do, too!

3 Easy Tips to Get Ready for Swimsuit Season
by Shannon Sodano

Shannon has given us these three quick and easy tips to get us ready for swimsuit season:

1.  Fiery Lunge
2.  Dandelion tea or greens
3.  Look up!

It only takes three weeks to create or change a new habit.  Try incorporating one or all of these small adjustments to your life in the next three weeks and let me know how it goes!

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July 24, 2014

Signature Style Journey

This summer, I'm rolling out all my private programs -- online and in-person -- so you can choose which way you'd like to work with me.  

The Signature Style Journey is a program that is flexible and easy to say yes to.  Fully online, you will receive the ease and grace that comes with intentionally creating your personal style as well as a fully-styled head-to-toe look.

Getting ready for a specific event?

Need to upgrade your work or weekend look? 

Transform your look from anxious to assured!

Signature Style Journey $1275

In your three 55-minute sessions with Allison via Skype,
transform your look from anxious to assured
so you can present your best self.

Get style coaching at times that are convenient
for you through an email program
that takes you through each step of the process.

Stage One:  Define Your True Beauty

How can your style reflect your true beauty?

- Signature Style Assessment
- Color, Face and Body Analysis
- Private Personal Style Passport
- Define Your True Beauty Virtual Session
with Allison
- Your Personal Style Pinterest Board

Stage Two:  Define Your Personal Style

How can you show the world 
what makes you amazing?
- Signature Look Assessment
- Discover Your Style Words
- Explore Your Color Message
- Personal Style Virtual Session
with Allison
- Signature Style Ping-Pong

Stage Three:  Signature Style

What looks do you need for your life?
- Signature Look Suggestions Pinterest Board
- Discuss Style Ping-Pong
- Confirm Your Look
- Signature Style Virtual Session with Allison
- Signature Look Online Shopping Page

Shannon says:
"I've been spending more time getting to know myself and addressing my private side. It was really amazing to see Allison pick up on that through the process and find colors and styles that express my quieter and more mysterious self.  I was surprised and impressed to see how that came through without me mentioning it -- and I am now very excited to share this part of me with the world!"

Give yourself the permission to receive:
  • Inner confidence to match your outer strength, style and beauty.
  • A Signature Look that puts your best foot (and every other feature) forward 
  • A first impression that makes your debut, wows them in the interview, and knocks their socks off with just one glance

Book your Signature Style Journey today! 
Package Price:  $1275/915E

Feel beautiful and confident every day.

July 21, 2014

Holding On To Holidays

When you're an entrepreneur, it seems to either mean you can take a holiday whenever you want or you never take a holiday.  For me, it's a bit of both.

Obviously, since style is my first love, I'm always on the lookout for a new, subtle ways of putting pieces together and often writing new blog posts in my head.

As a Mom of two kids, I'm also in that strange position of very rarely taking what I actually think of as a holiday.  Even "on holiday" or "on vacation" when I'm off with the kids it's still quite a bit of work.  Joyful work, sometimes, for sure!  But work.

For many Americans, the long summer holidays are just a switch from taking the kids to school to taking the kids to camp and work really never stops.  In The Netherlands, it seems like there's a holiday every six weeks -- which makes it very difficult to get anything started!

There is a golden mean -- and that's what I've decided to create.

Over the summer holidays this year, I'm going to:
  • start my book!
  • host the "Body-Love FB Group" 
  • have fun with my kids, my family and my friends
  • post your favorites from 2014
  • roll out my private programs

DailyOutfit:  The Book.  Ever since I started this blog, I've had a book in mind.  Many different style books exist -- the makeover book, the essential guide book and personal style profiles.

None of them respect a woman for who she is right now.  All are exhortations to change.  What I want to do is meet you where you are and help you craft your personal style.

And that's the book I'm going to write! 

Body-Love Facebook Group.  This closed Facebook group will provide style, nutrition and exercise support to you with the goal of loving your body by the end of the summer.  Join me and body-image experts Karin Bosscher and Shannon Sodano for a summer of amazing tips, tricks and questions answered.  The group starts TODAY, so sign up!

Have Fun.  Unplugging is critical.  I will be totally unplugged at the ocean, in New York and destination TBD -- all with my besties.  Lucky me!

After all, if you're always on, your battery simply runs dry.

And if we're not having fun, what's the point?
Vintage DO.  While all this is going on, enjoy the most popular posts from 2014 with my summer feature, "Vintage DO."  I will also be rolling out all the wonderful programs I've put together so you can have a think about how you'd like to work with me in the next year.

Enjoy "Vintage DO" and I look forward to talking with you this Fall!

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July 14, 2014

Birthday Refresh

It's my birthday this week! 

Here's what I've been thinking about:
  • my age (43),
  • what I've accomplished (re-launch!), 
  • my body-love project (join us!)
  • my goals (start my book), 
  • the year I've had (tough, but seriously improving),
  • the year ahead (the new new normal)
Birthdays are a time-honored ritual for me -- like New Year's Eve -- that offer an opportunity to celebrate and to take stock.

According to my new tradition, I'm taking my birthday as a holiday.  I'm getting everything ready now so all I need to do is relax and enjoy my day.

Plan a celebration for your own birthday.  Schedule the day off.  Spend it with your favorite people or spend it with yourself.  Do whatever it is that you love.

I guarantee you, one of the things I'll be doing is dancing to this song:

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July 7, 2014

Making Style Easy

Monthly Round-Up

This month, I have been focusing on how to make style easy.  If time, money or feelings about your body are stopping you, I am offering quick & easy ways to bust through those barriers so style can finally be yours!

Do you want to feel great about your body?

Is your (belly, bum, bust...) keeping you from investing in your look?

If you answered with an emphatic YES to either question, check out the FREE CALL held July 10th. For the replay, click here.

Great Client Kudos For June:
Stacey was interviewed on TV!!
"My sedate, professional dress...was appropriate with my role as the doctor, and I felt good about the interview and my "look."  Thanks for all of your help and support!" - Dr. Stacey Vitiello, MD of What Smart Women Need To Know About Breast Cancer.
"I got amazing compliments from my very chic mother in law just last weekend!  I have been able to put great looks together that flatter and make me feel fabulous!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Anne after her Signature Style Journey
"Hi Allison, I really like this look book and I could definitely see myself wearing this." - Nicole on her Keaton Row Lookbook

"Wow, looks totally amazing! Well done xx" - Lorna via FB on the Workshop video


With my husband at the Primaver Sound Festival in Barcelona
Feeling At Home.  After my trips to London, Barcelona, and the U.S. East Coast, I realized how style helps me feel at home no matter where I am.  Because my style is holistic to who I am, it carries me through -- regardless of the cultural context.

Want more?
- Click here to read, "Feeling At Home"
Click here to book your discovery session with me to create a style that will take you anywhere!

Make It Easy.  In April, I introduced Keaton Row to my schedule of services.  A free, online styling service, Keaton Row is an amazing way to engage with me if you're sure of your style.  This month, I showcased the lookbooks I put together for my Keaton Row clients. 

Check out the looks I put together for my Keaton Row clients!

Want more?
- Click here to read, "Make It Easy"
- Click here to sign up for your Keaton Row Lookbook.
Click here to book your discovery session with me to create and own your personal style!


My daughter and I at 1D
Do You Know What Makes You Beautiful?  One of the biggest differences between me and the fashion world in general is that I believe style is for everyone.  

I have always offered my monthly looks in all size ranges and I can see the beauty in every woman I meet. 

I was lucky enough to take my kids to their first big concert of their first band love, One Direction.  I love their song, "You Don't Know You're Beautiful."  It warms my heart to think of young girls growing up listening to this song.  

What a cultural shift this is from, "She's Got Legs" which was ZZ Top's billboard hit from '83!

 Want more?
- Click here to read, "Do You Know What Makes You Beautiful?"
- Click here to learn more about my Define Your Beauty session ON SALE for $197 through 7/10.
Click here to book your discovery session with me to learn which of my full-service programs is right for you!

Celebrating Success.  One of our biggest cultural taboos as women is talking about our own success.  I decided to break this taboo to celebrate the success of my workshop.  It was such fun and a galvanizing experience for all of us.  Woohoo!

Check it out:

Want more?
- Click here to read, "Celebrating Success"
- Click here to sign up for the Workshop Waiting List.  Request your location and get there first!
Click here to book your discovery session with me to learn more about my full-service programs.

Beach Bound?  At the Workshop, we discovered that one of the biggest barriers to style is feeling good about our own bodies.  

In fact, in readying myself for the Workshop, I realized I have some work to do in this arena as well.

I posted this totally un-edited photo of myself in a bikini.  Am I crazy?  No!

I want to show women:
  • it is possible to feel good about your body even when it's not supermodel perfect 
  • it is a constant struggle for all of us -- even stylists!
When I realized it had been 7 years since I truly felt great about my body, I decided to hold a FREE CALL and get in some body-image experts for help.  Join us this Thursday to learn how to begin loving your body! 
Want more?
- Click here to read, "Beach-Bound?"
- Click here to sign up for Thursday's call to learn how to begin loving your body again.
Click here to book your discovery session with me to learn about my Passport to Style program, which includes a consultation and exercise program from my nutritionist and yogi, Shannon Sodano.

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July 3, 2014


At my Workshop this Spring, we did a simple exercise:  write down on a single sheet of paper how you feel about your body.

Take a look at your sheet.

If there is anything negative written down, tear it up.

Do you know what?

Nearly everyone tore up the entire sheet of paper.

When I was doing this exercise to prep for the Workshop, I realized it's been years since I really felt good about my own body.

I never trash-talk myself, but I can't really say I've been happy with my body either.

How long has it been?

I decided to look through my photos to see if I could find a shot of myself A) in a swimsuit and B) when I actually remember feeling comfortable and happy with my body.

I found this one.  My son wasn't even born yet and my daughter is 2.

She's now 9.

Seven years is way too long.
Join me as I discuss body image with my two wonderful guests, Shannon Sodano, yogi and nutritionist, and Karin Bosscher, nutritionist and wellness counselor, who are both experts on positive body image.

We'll hear their 3 top tips for how to feel better about baring your body and learn all about my Body-Love Campaign.

Don't wait 7 years to figure this out!

Join us next week and we'll get this one sorted.


The call will be available to all who register as a YouTube video to watch later!

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