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November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Style Guide

Wondering what to wear today for Thanksgiving?

This post was published last year, but the question answered is a style perennial.

I hope this helps you today!
For Americans, Thanksgiving is an origin story.  I now live in Leiden, the town in the Netherlands the Pilgrims emigrated from when they decided to make the break for America.  It is a strange full-circle.

Few of us Americans actually originate from those Pilgrims, but the story of coming to a new world resonates through almost all of our histories.  Thanksgiving is a celebration that centers around gratitude.  And in that way, it is a truly modern holiday.

If you have been paying attention, you know that science has proven an "attitude of gratitude" makes you healthier.  Oprah herself writes a gratitude journal.

But how to dress for such an event?

The keys:  ease of movement, comfort and (of course) beauty.


+ + + Ivanka Trump - Mina (Tartufo) - Footwear +


Banana Republic Bold Floral Blouse - Bright celedon + + + Banana Republic Fireball Earring - Neon pink +
* silhouette is best for inverted triangles in a solid color

PLUS:  * **

+ + + Fitzwell - Sienna (Black Split Suede Leather) - Footwear +
* silhouette is best for inverted triangles in a solid color
** triangles need a skinny belt with this look for waist-defintion

NOTE:  These items are from last year, so the links will not work!

Translate Your Personal Style:
  • Shop Your Closet:  If you have one of the pieces in this look, add only what you need.
  • Make It You:  Instead of the horn of plenty pendant, use a symbol that is meaningful for you.
  • Respect Your Budget:  These tops are not expensive, but are distinctive due to the shaping and patterns and make the outfit pop.

Elements of the Look:
  • Poly or Rayon Crepe Top.  Easy to wash and lightweight, this fabric won't be ruined by a gravy stain like cotton or silk.  You will keep cool even with the oven on all day long.  If you have odor issues, bring an extra stick of deodorant in your bag to freshen up.
  • Ponte Trousers.  Heavyweight stretch fabric, ponte won't bag out if you're sitting for a long time but it has way more give than other dress trouser fabrics.  Lighterweight than wool.
  • Accessories.  Keep your accessories light and gleaming to uplift your look.

Use the Trends: 
  • Leather:  Leather panels are very on-trend this season.  The sheen adds a touch of luxe.
  • Tunic Tops:  Tunics mostly come in henley collars for a more casual look.  A pattern will hide stains.
  • Smoking Slippers:  The pajama-dressing trend extends to the feet.  Great for slipping in your bag and on at the door after you take off your rain or snow boots.

Change It Up: 
  • Wear To Work.  This outfit works beautifully for the office, to a casual client meeting or for office hours with students.  Trade your sparkly earrings for a more classic style.
  • Autumnal Color.  If you're a cool, you can still wear Thanksgiving colors.  Pair a cool pink, beige or blue-toned top with black pants as shown in the Plus outfit but with silver-toned jewelry.
  • Warm It Up.  A shaped blazer, leather jacket or self-tie cardigan layers over this look.  Switch out the booties or flats for knee-high or over-the-knee boots.  Finally, add an infinity scarf for added warmth.