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December 15, 2014

Your Wish List

In my household, it's countdown time once again!  We just ran the gauntlet of Sinterklaas (Dutch Santa), not to mention Thanksgiving and Halloween before it.

I am amazed at my kids' stamina -- they're able to maintain excitement for Christmas and every holiday in between.

All this excitement is wearying, however.  On Sunday, we had big plans to go out and enjoy the festivities.  But, my son was not feeling well, despite (or because of) all the excitement.

We stayed in, made our Christmas card and spent time shopping for each other online.  It was delicious, being bundled up on the couch, with the tree lights on and Christmas music playing!
Gift-giving can be such fun.  Of course, it is wonderful just to be able to give.  And it is a delight to choose which particular item will bring the most joy.
Wish Lists.  Some people find wish lists crass, but I love them.  I love being able to help make wishes come true -- whether it's mundane or silly or fabulous.  Wish Lists can be a great clue as to what matters most to our loved ones -- and ourselves! 

Are we valuing our down-time more or starting a new sport?  Is it adventure we crave or romance?  A new career?  World peace?

Resultly is running a promotion this Christmas to champion the Wish List -- you make your own Wish List collection, share it with the hashtag #screwsanta (name's a bit naughty, I know!) and one lucky person will win their entire collection!

Here's mine; perhaps it will inspire you!

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December 11, 2014

I've been thinking about you...
You know how you've been excited about getting to see people at holiday parties, but when the day is over and it's bitter cold outside, your excitement dwindles and you want to cancel?

Or how you just got your Fall wardrobe sorted and now the cold has hit and you can't believe you have to do it all. over. again.?!?

Funny -- because I've been there!  In fact, I had those very same thoughts today.

But, then, I realized -- oh, I have that awesome sparkly top and it'll be easy to throw that on with some red lipstick and I'll be so excited to walk into that room -- just like last week!

And yes, my Fall wardrobe IS awesome, but all I really need is a new cardigan to layer, gloves and a hat and oh, I have 30 minutes right now, so I can solve that problem because I know exactly what I want.  Easy-peasy.

Setting yourself up in style -- even when it's cold outside -- means you get to move past that feeling of giving up, quickly find the answer to your problem and move forward.

Who doesn't want that?

I made a commitment to myself long ago that I would always be able to say yes.  I decided I wanted to feel like my best self whenever I was going anywhere -- no matter what.  Because I am a mover and a shaker -- and the last person who is going to stop me is myself.

So I came up with a system to make it easy.  Then, I came up with a system to make it truly personal.  And now, I help women like you discover how creating personal style can be easy AND fun AND powerfully effective.

Do you know how many of my clients got promotions after working with me?  Do you know how many re-ignited their relationships?  Do you know how many started living the lives they were meant to lead?

I want the same for you.

I am inviting you to spend 30 minutes on the phone with me to discuss YOUR style issues.
  • Tell with me about what's stopping you from feeling great today.
  • Share with me how you're talking yourself out of looking and feeling like the amazing woman we both know you are. 
  • Talk to me about how your anxiety around clothing is keeping you from living the life of your dreams.
Let me help you bust past those issues so you can begin to push past fear and step into your gorgeousness.

Let's spend this holiday season giving you the gift of style!

December 8, 2014

Savoring the Holidays
"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" so the song goes.

It's the time to celebrate the gifts you've been given, to celebrate your loved ones with gifts and to celebrate the gift of starting another year.

In the US and around the world, it has been a year full of challenge.  Perhaps it feels frivolous to celebrate amidst the heartbreak that exists.

But, the holidays are all about lifting up joy and focusing on hope.

As Lao-Tzu said, "New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings."

Photo by Crisspix
Here's a toast to you:
Let us celebrate our successes. 
Let us relish our joys.
Let us relax into the time we spend with our loved ones.  
Let us savor the festivities for their deeper meaning:  
to lift up hope and love, to weigh the good with the bad and to start anew.

My wish for everyone is to step into life feeling wonderful and set up to succeed.

At holiday time, your style needs are necessarily extraordinary because the events themselves are out of the ordinary.  Setting yourself up in style makes this time of the year easy for you since you already know what to wear!

We started celebration season talking about style v fashion.  Style is the path and trends are the sparkle.

One of my favorite style icons, Alexa Chung, is a master at mixing style with fashion -- in fact, she often creates what becomes fashion.  True to herself, respectful of her own body, she dresses in a way that makes sense for her life -- and I love her for it.

Because styling creates confusion for many of you, when ModCloth asked me to do a piece on layering, I decided to focus DailyOutfit's November Look on this aspect of styling to demystify it for you.

In view of that, I also re-posted my Thanksgiving Style Guide, to show you how practical and festive can meet -- even on Turkey day!

And then on the tail of Thanksgiving, comes Black Friday.  Yikes!

Even if Black Friday is not your thing, my Top Tips for Black Friday could easily be re-titled Top Tips for Holiday Shopping.  If you're  planning to head out to do your shopping soon, consider this post your primer.

Photo by Krisztina Crane
Speaking of shopping, there is a big difference between emergency shopping and shopping you can actually enjoy.  I call this the gift of style.

In fact, I just took a client shopping yesterday.  Amidst the craziness of the holiday shopping, we were an oasis of calm.  I found her gorgeous coats and booties that will completely set her up to ease through the Winter season.  And that is a gift in and of itself.

Holiday LookBook requests have been pouring in this month via Keaton Row as well.  Clients are setting themselves up for various parties, weddings and work events, using this amazing free service to make life a little bit easier.

Many of you have been wanting a new dress this year.  This year's dress is lace, so I created a Keaton Row Lookbook inspired by a number of actual client looks to show you how to wear it.

As one client said, "I was really dreading this event, but now I'm really excited!"

In shopping terms, it really doesn't get much better than that, does it?

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December 4, 2014

Your Invitation

As a part of the DailyOutfit community, you are invited.  Become a VIP Style Pass member today.

Why the VIP Style Pass?

Style is a lifestyle. It is a choice. And it requires commitment.


With the VIP Style Pass, I am making a commitment to you:
* I am here to support you.
* If you've ever been afraid to be noticed, I am here.
* If you've ever wanted so badly to be noticed, but you're afraid you'll stumble? I am here.

When you join, you'll receive exactly the right support to make your commitment to style.


Along with my weekly e-newsletter and free e-book, here's what you'll receive :

VIP Style Pass Facebook (FB) Group:  The VIP Style Pass Facebook Group is designed to support you -- in style!
* Use this forum as a welcoming and nurturing space.
* Post your Qs and celebrate your successes every Style Saturday.
* Post empowering quotes or news.
* Get first access to all DailyOutfit events.

30-Minute Personal Style Session:  This session is designed for you to ask me your most vulnerable style questions. You can delve further into the principles of personal style we explored in my eBook, discuss what you discovered in the Workbook or ask any other general questions you might have.

Style Maven Party:  Because I love to dress up and host parties, I'll be hosting cocktail parties throughout the year in Amsterdam, The Hague, and New York -- and anywhere else DailyOutfit brings me!

Style Check:  Weekly Personal Outfit Review:  I want my Platinum client to feel confident about every single outfit s/he wears. I want to receive your selfies and celebrate your successes or give you feedback on a day when something felt a little off. Because my Platinum clients value their privacy, this service is totally personal.

$250 Off Next Package Booked:  To best support my Platinum clients in continuing their commitment to style, I am offering an automatic discount on the next package booked.

Sign up for your Silver membership today or book a free consultation to learn more about my Platinum-level services.

Isn't it time you became a VIP in your own life?


December 1, 2014

The Gift of Style

When you set yourself up in style, it means you can say "yes" to every opportunity that feels right for you -- whether that is a holiday party or a horseback riding competition.

Your wardrobe can work for you.  It can have the looks you need to feel confident no matter what the situation.

It is a gift you give yourself.

I am not saying this to stress you out.  Lord knows, the holiday season can be stressful enough!

I am saying this because I want to release you from the idea that spending time, energy and money on your wardrobe is frivolous.

In fact, setting yourself up in style is eminently practical.  Because when the doors of opportunity open, don't you want to be able to sail right through?

Here's how setting yourself up might work for you:

Festive But Not Fancy:  Kim requested a look that will work for holiday parties, but isn't too fancy.  She wanted something feminine, fun and practical for her life in the mountains.  We've got the basic look down now, and she just needs to choose a jacket that feels right for her.

Festive And Flexible:  Nicole requested a look that will work for church and holiday parties.  She wanted something red and sparkly, but flexible.  I gave her the looks she wanted and threw in a brunch look, so she can see how her new dress will transition into "regular life" as well.

Styling the Lace Dress:  Ali, Yassi and Amy requested help with special event looks.  They all wanted dresses -- Amy even bought two -- but needed help making them appropriate to her situation.

Let's set you up in style!  Opportunity will be knocking -- and I want you to be able to open that door and say, "YES!"


November 28, 2014

Top Tips for Black Friday

If you're going out on Black Friday, it's most likely you're trying to get a jump on your holiday shopping.  But, inevitably, you will see something that seems too good to pass up for yourself.  IS too good to pass up?
Ask yourself:
            • Do I need it? 
            • Does it flatter me? 
            • Do I LOVE it?

Gap Essential Scoop SweaterIf you cannot say yes to the above three questions, don't buy it.

Not sure?  Take a photo and send it to your most fashionable friend.  If you're nervous about sending it, then that's probably a good sign you shouldn't buy it either!

Know you have an outfit that needs completing?  Bring your pieces with you.  This way, you can try your new item on with the rest of your outfit to make sure it really works.

Buying for someone else?  Remember to buy colors and cuts that work for the person you're buying for.  Look around the shop floor to find someone with similar coloring to the person you're purchasing for and ask them if they would wear the color you're considering.  I promise they won't care -- it's just like being a tourist and asking another tourist to take your photo.  The likely result is that they'll ask you to do the same for them.  Who knows?  You may even make a friend.

And finally, when shopping, please be kind to yourself:
  • Bring snacks
  • Take breaks 
  • Stop when you're ahead
Good luck out there!


November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Style Guide

Wondering what to wear today for Thanksgiving?

This post was published last year, but the question answered is a style perennial.

I hope this helps you today!
For Americans, Thanksgiving is an origin story.  I now live in Leiden, the town in the Netherlands the Pilgrims emigrated from when they decided to make the break for America.  It is a strange full-circle.

Few of us Americans actually originate from those Pilgrims, but the story of coming to a new world resonates through almost all of our histories.  Thanksgiving is a celebration that centers around gratitude.  And in that way, it is a truly modern holiday.

If you have been paying attention, you know that science has proven an "attitude of gratitude" makes you healthier.  Oprah herself writes a gratitude journal.

But how to dress for such an event?

The keys:  ease of movement, comfort and (of course) beauty.


+ + + Ivanka Trump - Mina (Tartufo) - Footwear +


Banana Republic Bold Floral Blouse - Bright celedon + + + Banana Republic Fireball Earring - Neon pink +
* silhouette is best for inverted triangles in a solid color

PLUS:  * **

+ + + Fitzwell - Sienna (Black Split Suede Leather) - Footwear +
* silhouette is best for inverted triangles in a solid color
** triangles need a skinny belt with this look for waist-defintion

NOTE:  These items are from last year, so the links will not work!

Translate Your Personal Style:
  • Shop Your Closet:  If you have one of the pieces in this look, add only what you need.
  • Make It You:  Instead of the horn of plenty pendant, use a symbol that is meaningful for you.
  • Respect Your Budget:  These tops are not expensive, but are distinctive due to the shaping and patterns and make the outfit pop.

Elements of the Look:
  • Poly or Rayon Crepe Top.  Easy to wash and lightweight, this fabric won't be ruined by a gravy stain like cotton or silk.  You will keep cool even with the oven on all day long.  If you have odor issues, bring an extra stick of deodorant in your bag to freshen up.
  • Ponte Trousers.  Heavyweight stretch fabric, ponte won't bag out if you're sitting for a long time but it has way more give than other dress trouser fabrics.  Lighterweight than wool.
  • Accessories.  Keep your accessories light and gleaming to uplift your look.

Use the Trends: 
  • Leather:  Leather panels are very on-trend this season.  The sheen adds a touch of luxe.
  • Tunic Tops:  Tunics mostly come in henley collars for a more casual look.  A pattern will hide stains.
  • Smoking Slippers:  The pajama-dressing trend extends to the feet.  Great for slipping in your bag and on at the door after you take off your rain or snow boots.

Change It Up: 
  • Wear To Work.  This outfit works beautifully for the office, to a casual client meeting or for office hours with students.  Trade your sparkly earrings for a more classic style.
  • Autumnal Color.  If you're a cool, you can still wear Thanksgiving colors.  Pair a cool pink, beige or blue-toned top with black pants as shown in the Plus outfit but with silver-toned jewelry.
  • Warm It Up.  A shaped blazer, leather jacket or self-tie cardigan layers over this look.  Switch out the booties or flats for knee-high or over-the-knee boots.  Finally, add an infinity scarf for added warmth.