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July 26, 2016

How To Accept And Rock Your Perfectly Imperfect Body - Part Two

By Sharon Galor

Last week, I asked you to observe how you're talking about yourself.  If you missed it, check out the post here.

The way we think about our bodies influences how we feel about our bodies.  Our constant preoccupation leads to:
  • emotional distress,
  • frustrations,
  • a sense of personal failure,
  • shame,
  • insecurities,
  • self-consciousness,
  • anxiety and
  • worry.
Additionally, we often hold unhelpful and unrealistic assumptions and conditions that guide our behaviours in life.

These typically hold an if-then formulations e.g. "If I will lose weight then I will be happy" or "If I will hide myself and blend in, then others will accept me".

You may avoid people/places/ the mirror /social situations/ certain clothes and/or try to reach that perfect body by excessive exercising, strict dieting, beauty treatments or even cosmetic surgery.

These behaviours inhibit you from living life to the fullest.  You're putting pleasure and joy on hold for an imagined potential ideal body.

Is that really what you want to be doing?

Think about it for a moment.

Many diet and/or change their body appearance and are still unhappy and unsatisfied with their body because their body image is still negative.

No matter how much change is achieved, it will never be enough!  And if little appearance change was achieved, the self- criticism and distress will become worse!

Either way, having these assumptions will keep you having negative thoughts and emotions about your body and worries about how others will respond to you.   To make it worse, continuously comparing yourself “upward” to others is unreasonable, adds to your vulnerability and increases your self-criticism.

Here's the truth:  when you condition your happiness, satisfaction, success and love on the body’s perfection, this is actually unattainable, unrealistic and never-ending.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Have you been on this treadmill before -- literally or figuratively?

Next week, I'm going to talk about how we can adjust these negative thoughts so you can begin to truly embrace the body you have.

About the Author:
Dr.Sharon Galor helps adult expats demolish their obstacles, unlock their fears, strengthen and/or acquire new capacities and realize the life that they yearn for. She does it by using a short term, non-nonsense and effective approach. Dr. Galor's research was published in prominent peer reviewed scientific journals. She is also the author of Be assertive! Be your authentic self!. It is a straightforward, practical and easy CBT workbook, which will enable you to apply the strategies directly in your life ( Read more about her practice, The Light Wave Psychologists Practice and her other endeavours at 

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