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Love Your Befores and Afters

September 15, 2014

DailyOutfit's September Look

For many of us, the only outfit we've ever really spent lots of time and energy thinking about is our wedding dress.

In an era when we marry solely for love and commitment, a wedding can be the most beautiful day of all.

Which is why I was so happy and honored when asked me to join their "Dream Day Style Challenge."

City Wedding
As seen on
City Chic Wedding

Inspired by the romantic canals of Amsterdam, this look works in any sophisticated setting for a romantic and elegant day. such a fun site -- like Pinterest meets
 I love how digital media is making everything in our lives easier -- so we can focus on what's really important.

Dreams Beyond Your Wedding.  Of course, our dreams no longer culminate in our wedding day.  Events like your first board presentation, association award, or even a panel discussion deserve the same sense of preparation and celebration we accord our weddings, for each has its import for furthering our ambitions.

When you allow yourself the space and time to anticipate and prepare for something special from the inside out, it deepens your experience of the event.  Creating the dream outfit for that upcoming milestone is one way to make sure your dreams come true.  Yes, ladies -- the old adage is true (it's called embodied cognition) clothes do make the man -- and the woman!

What important event do you have coming up?  How can you prep yourself so that you present the best and most authentic version of you?

Let's make your dreams come true!

WHAT DREAMS DO YOU WANT TO FULFILL?  Book your complimentary consultation today!

September 8, 2014

Live Your Dream

Last week, I realized I am living my dream.  Seriously!  Living. My. Dream.

It doesn't mean that life isn't messy.  Things go wrong.  Mistakes get made.  And we still have lots of goals to achieve.

But, when I pause and consider where we are, what we're doing and how we're doing it, this is the dream.  And it's my life!


The truth is, we have been living our dream for a long time.  But, the challenges of life have distracted us from this fact.  And when the challenges of life are large, it can be very hard to remember how lucky we are.

Kacey K Loved Ring - GoldFor within these dreams comes work.  Marriage, children, stability or freedom, your vocation -- whatever your dream is -- none of these necessarily comes free and easy.  And even if it does, it takes effort and courage to keep them strong and growing.

It's so easy to focus on the negative.  But, when I shift my focus to appreciate even the tiniest positives in my day, I gain the strength to keep sailing.

Every day, I literally arm myself with reminders.  My love bracelet becomes an amulet.  My Chanel No. 5 is a magical potion.  My daily outfit is imbued with meaning -- not only for me, but also for the outside world -- to call in my desires and make my dreams come true.

It works for me and has worked for my clients.  They've found love, careers and happiness by making a conscious decision to define what makes them amazing and claim their dreams, then translate that heady mix into a personal style they can inhabit with ease. 

It is my dream is to help YOU in the same way.  Why not say yes?

Let's make your dreams come true -- today!

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September 4, 2014

Complimentary eBook For You!
In the fall of 2013, I published a three-part case study for Three Tomatoes showcasing the DailyOutfit approach to creating your personal style. Based on design thinking, my process helps women harness the power of style in a way that is fun and easy -- and extremely effective!

In my first eBook: Dress the Body You Have, a DailyOutfit Case Study and Workbook, I have refined those articles and added a workbook section so you can begin your own style discovery.

I am thrilled to offer you this e-book today!

When you subscribe to my weekly e-newsletter, you will receive the e-book within minutes.  The e-newsletter includes my weekly blog posts plus first access to upcoming specials.  I know you'll find the e-book a valuable addition to the style coaching I offer in my weekly posts and Facebook updates. 


August 25, 2014

Step Into Your Spotlight

This summer, I am posting favorite blog posts from 2014. 

This post is all about how you can step into your spotlight with grace if you choose to do so.

Your message will be read, whether you like it or not!

So what message are you sending today?  Is it the message you want to send?  If not, you know where to find me!

Being confident in your own abilities and feeling confident about the way you look do not necessarily go hand-in-hand.  For women and men, this is a mixed bag of emotions.  But since we raise our girls on a princess diet, it becomes a spectacularly confusing mess for we women.

When I think about women stepping into the spotlight, my thoughts turn to our recent first ladies:  Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama.

One stumbled, then got up gracefully and has been sailing ever since.  One smiled and kept quietly going about her own business.  The other stumbled and stumbled and stumbled.  Now, she's poised and seems about to run for President.  You know who is who.

STEPPING INTO THE SPOTLIGHT.  None of these women was running for office herself when she stepped into the spotlight.  None was ready for the scrutiny or constant barrage of paparazzi.  How they handled their newly-minted fame holds lessons for all of us.

Stepping into the spotlight was literal for these women -- and unavoidable.  For the rest of us, we have to choose.  You can embrace your self or you can deny it.  Once we embrace our purpose, the way becomes easier and unfolds with grace.

What does style have to do with it?  Style is an outward expression of your inner reality.  When you are clear on who you are, your personal style is clear.   You invite the people and opportunities you want or you deny them.  It's up to you.

MICHELLE OBAMA.  When we first saw Michelle Obama, she was dressed as the powerful female executive she was.  Her suit, her hair and her accessories -- all in black.  Black is the color of business, it's serious and it's intense.  You look at her and that's what you see -- powerful female executive -- and that's about it.  She looks great for sure, but she's not magnetic in the way she is now.

Once she embraced her role as "Mom-in-Chief" she also embraced a looser and freer way of dressing.  Her choice to settle her family first was echoed in her style choices.  She wore clothes that were the opposite of her former look:  floral dresses, skirts and flats that had no place in the boardroom.

With her girls settled, she began her campaign for healthy eating.  She was campaigning for her own purpose -- and her style evolved again.  Her look is more sophisticated and streamlined.  Yet all along we've seen her spirit shining through.  However you feel about her, there's no mistaking that Michelle Obama is comfortable with herself and has embraced her own power.

 LAURA BUSH.  Laura Bush has always been clear on who she is:  a mother, a librarian and political wife.  It has also been clear from the start that she was uncomfortable with the spotlight.  Her palette is muted and her clothing tailored.  She exudes class and polish.  Yet her own ideas or ideals are unknown to us; she remains quiet.  And that is her choice.

HILLARY CLINTON.  Hillary's style evolution has been interesting to watch.  She started out trying to be a political wife.  In this photo of the Clintons from their first term, she is conservative head-to-toe.  Of course, we know she's not conservative at all!

Dressed in all black like Michelle, she doesn't look like the executive she was nor does she look like the power-broker she came to be.  She's in a style no-man's-land simultaneously fading into the background and popping into the shot so that all we see is her head.  And perhaps that's just about right:  at first, it was all about her formidable intellect -- and her intellect only.

Now, whether you like her or not, she is finally comfortable with herself.  You can tell by looking at her.  Her style has clarified as her sense of herself has clarified.  No longer tied down by the role of political wife or supporting spouse, she is free to embrace who she truly is.

She's wearing the pants -- literally and figuratively.  Love that!  Her color choices are bold.  Her hair is long and easy. 

Is it a coincidence that Hillary is poised to run for President at the same time that she is finally appearing comfortable in her own skin?  I don't think so.  Whether she becomes our first female President is unknown.  What I do know is -- no matter what -- Hillary has stepped into her own power and is owning it for the first time in her life.
Jean Cocteau said, "Style is a simple way to say complicated things."  I know you have a lot to say.

If you choose to be quiet or sophisticated or bold -- that is your choice!  I just want to be sure you're clear about the choices you're making.

In my free call, I shattered the 3 myths surrounding style and success for smart women.  Register to listen to the replay!

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August 18, 2014

Top 10 Tips to Make Back to School Shopping a Breeze

This summer, I am posting favorite blog posts from 2014.  This one was also a favorite from 2013!

This post is all about taking someone else shopping -- that's right, your favorite munchkin!

How can you make it easy and fun?  Just follow my top 10 tips!

  • Do you shudder and recoil when you think about back-to-school shopping with your kids?
  • Or do you think it's going to be fun and then end up getting in an embarrassing fight that bums you out?

While I agree that shopping with a toddler is just not worth it, your kids might be at the age (or price point) where you really must go and try the pieces on.

Shopping with kids really can be easy and fun -- my top 10 tips are road tested -- every year!

Here's the formula: 
what you want to get -
1/2 your expectations +
an extra half hour +
smiles all 'round!

Top 10 Tips to Make Back-to-School Shopping a BreezeGap Paris Graphic T

  • Sort on Your Own.  Look through your kids' clothing yourself for pieces that show wear & tear or stains.  I tried to do the sorting with my daughter once and suddenly every piece was special or beloved!  Forget it. 
  • Try it On in the Store.  Once you've sorted, bring anything you're unsure about with you to try it on your kid -- in the store.  When faced with something new versus the old one that doesn't fit or has stains, your child will likely choose the new one.   Done!
  • Plan for 10 Days.  Plan for 10 days of outfits in layers.  
  • Shorts/pants + tee/long-sleeve tee + sweater/hoodie OR
  • Dresses or skirt/top + leggings or tights/socks + cardigans + accessories
  • Go to H&M or Old Navy First.  Start at less expensive stores.  If the idea of going into a store with your child gives you hives, do all your shopping online.  That's okay!  
  • Keep it Short.  Even if you have a kid who likes shopping, arrange to take them to a maximum of two stores.  In each store, limit yourself to 45 minutes trying-on.  Bring your kitchen timer or use your smartphone so you can enjoy the time without worrying about your schedule.
  • Start Early.  Be at the store when it opens.  Your kid will be at his/her best and the stores are at their emptiest.  The stock is in the right place and the staff is more friendly. 
  • Tell Your Kid to Dance.  While you're on the floor pulling items, tell your kid to dance in front of the mirror.  Not only do they find it completely hilarious but it'll keep them from leaving the dressing room.  Obviously this doesn't work for very little kids, but that's what strollers are for! 
  • Make it an Outing.  If you can, shop separately with each child so you can focus and have fun.  End with lunch.  Go for ice-cream!  Post your photos to Facebook and cherish this as a day to remember.
  • Listen.  Most importantly, listen to your child and support him or her as s/he expresses to you how s/he wants to look.  If you don't agree, use your active listening skills and then respectfully explain yourself.  Listen to your child's response.  
  • Throw The Kid a Bone.  Maybe you don't want your kid in all black, but they could have black accessories, no?  If your boy wants to dress like a girl or vice versa, compromise on purple.  Kids are who they are -- with or without you!  Try with

When Your Daughter Develops.  Schedule your daughter for an appointment at a department store with a proper lingerie department for her first bra.  Continue to have her measured as she develops.  Proper support is important.  This is a key step in her growing up.  Buy three bras maximum to allow for growth.  Use camisoles to protect her cleavage from prying eyes.  Teach her how to use Styling Tape ($10) to keep her shirt in place so that she doesn't show her bra straps or her bra.   

Kids Judge Books by their Cover.  Children -- especially teens -- can be cruel.  Whether you like it or not, your child will be judged by how he or she looks.  If you support your child's sense of style and encourage his or her self-confidence, your child will be able to shrug off anyone who dares make a rude comment. 

Teach Your Kid What to Say.  I have always encouraged my kids to stick up for themselves and have never made a big deal about how cute they actually are.  Not every kid is that savvy -- I certainly wasn't.  If someone had taught me what to say when someone was rude to me, the words would have flowed.

Your Mini Stylist.  If your child wants to put together his or her own outfits, encourage it!  No matter how goofy you might think it is, if your child owns the look, s/he will be just fine.  If you want to offer constructive criticism, make a compliment sandwich.  "I love how you put all these blues together.  Next time, you might want to try adding green for a little contrast.  But the shoes are fabulous!"  These are teaching moments, just like everything else.

For your little Fashionista If your child is fashion-focused, have him or her pull items or looks they like from fashion magazines like Seventeen.  Teen Vogue has some fashion spreads for boys.  Spend some time talking through the looks your child has pulled to discover what your child wants his or her look to be.  Pinterest and Polyvore are also great fun for computer-savvy older kids.

Still got hives?  If you have a friend or family member who loves fashion or style (and is kind), set up a date for the two of them to talk fashion or encourage the two of them to go to your local art museum together to talk about color and texture.

Activities:  Try this great book from Seventeen for hours of fun and help focusing his or her sense of personal style.  Buy books of historic paper dolls so that s/he can learn about the history of fashion.  Like any other interest, an interest in fashion can lead to wonderful things!

WANT YOUR OWN STYLE JOURNEY?  Book your complimentary consultation today!

August 14, 2014

Passport to Style Program

This summer, I'm rolling out all my private programs -- online and in-person -- so you can choose which way you'd like to work with me.  

The Passport to Style program is online and in-depth.  Meet weekly with Allison to gain a full understanding of what flatters you and why, create your personal style and implement it!  

Would you love to align your true self 
with your style?

 Do you want a step-by-step, in-depth program to become truly intentional with your entire look?

Passport to Style Program $3000

Embark on your style adventure with Allison's personalized, online Passport to Style program.

Fully transform your look from basic to breathtaking in just 8 weeks! 

Get style coaching at times that are convenient for you through an email and virtual meeting program that carefully takes you through each step of the process.

This program works with your lifestyle and on your schedule with full email support throughout. 


Stage One:  Define Your True Beauty
How can your style reflect your true beauty?

- Signature Style Assessment
- Color, Face and Body Analysis
- Private Personal Style Passport
- Define Your True Beauty Virtual Session
with Allison
- Your Personal Style Pinterest Board

Stage Two:  Define Your Personal Style

How can you show the world 
what makes you amazing?
- Signature Look Assessment
- Discover Your Style Words
- Explore Your Color Message
- Personal Style Virtual Session
with Allison
- Signature Style Ping-Pong

Stage Three:  Signature Style

What looks do you need for your life?
- Signature Look Suggestions Pinterest Board
- Discuss Style Ping-Pong
- Confirm Your Look
- Signature Style Virtual Session with Allison
- Signature Look Online Shopping Page

Stage Four:  Shop Your Closet

What pieces match your vision?
- Style Your Signature Looks
- Accessory Punctuation
- Outfit Style Map
- Weekly Style Maps
- Style Your Pieces
- Shop Your Closet Session
with Allison

Stage Five:  Make Your Wardrobe Work For You

How do your new looks work for you?

- Inhabit Assessment
- Style Map Weekly Look Sheet
- Style Map Events Look Sheet
- Choose Your Change

Stage Six:  Inhabit Your Personal Style

How can we make being stylish 
feel easy every day? 
- Inhabit Your Style Virtual Session
- Set It and Forget It
- Final Q&A

Ellen says:

"Thanks to Allison’s Passport to Style program I look forward to dressing, knowing that I like everything I own. I feel like the best version of myself, and it’s easy to get dressed for any event. The amazing thing is that I had to buy very little. I had all the pieces – but it was hard to find them in five years of accumulation and among three different sizes! Now, when I think about shopping, it’s for something unique that supports the look Allison and I worked out specifically for me. I was able to follow the plan on my own schedule, but knowing we had an appointment coming up kept me focused."

Give yourself the permission to receive:
  • The joy of creating your personal style -- on your own terms
  • A wardrobe that works for you AND your budget
  • A program that fits your schedule and keeps you focused!

Package Bonus!
Receive a holistic health and exercise review plus a new regimen with my wellness guru, Shannon Sodano. 

 Package Price:  $3000/2150E

Feel beautiful and confident every day.