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February 9, 2016

DailyOutfit's Winter Look: Pyjama Days
Recently, I've been growing a lot personally; which also means I've been sleeping a lot.  It's like I'm a teenager again!  With every burst of progress, comes the need to shore up my energy. 

Since I've been spending so much time in pajamas, I thought it would be fun to do a feature around them.  Sleepwear is one of my favorites!

Last Fall, I became totally engrossed in Scandal, the melodrama political thriller with Kerry Washington.  The women on the show come in many colors and sizes, and ALL of them use their voices.  I love it!

These outfits are inspired by Washington's character, Olivia.


PIN-SPIRATION:  One of the best ways to begin creating something is to gather inspiration.  I love Pinterest for this purpose because it's entirely visual.  For this look, I pinned various shots of Olivia's lounge outfits plus some beautiful sleep images and helpful how-to articles.  Then, I gathered the pieces on the Pinterest board before putting together the looks:


CREATING THE OUTFIT:  I broke down the look into its central pieces:  silk pj bottoms, a heavy cabled or ribbed cashmere open sweater and a silk tank.  Then, I re-interpreted it at a lower price point and in two sizes ranges.  Unfortunately, sleepwear doesn't come in Petites, which is ironic since Kerry Washington is tiny!!  I noticed that Olivia never wears slippers, but if you want some, my current favorites are Mahabis!

US Weekly




SHOP THIS OUTFIT: For my US readers, these are shoppable links from Nordstrom's and Bloomingdale's.  Just click to shop!

Sleep well, my sweet, and remember what Olivia says!  "We'll handle it."

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