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April 11, 2017

Less Is More

This is how you fashion the life of your dreams.

What's on your list?  When I mentioned taking things off my to-do list, my friend Amy once said, "I like that you are willing to take things away in order to feel better -- more in control and more successful.  I have watched people I love (and maybe myself as well) try to define personal or professional success by the number of projects, organizations, etc. that take their time.  It's exhausting."

Keep only what you love -- in your closet and your to-do list.

Cataloging is Benchmarking.  When you take stock of what you have -- whether in your closet or your life -- you benchmark where you are.  Sometimes, you realize you have more than you thought you did.  Some clients realize they have exactly what they need.

Acknowledge what you have -- in your closet and your life.

Are you ready to say yes?  When you have exactly what you need, you are ready for the opportunities you seek.  Whether it's picking up fabulous scarf for your suit, saying yes to a great new job for your career or being comfortable enough to play with your toddler as he whooshes down the slide at the playground, you're in the moment.

Get specific about what you really want -- in your closet and your life. 

I truly believe style is how you life your life.  When you subscribe to this philosophy, it means you know where you're going and how you're going to get there.  Give yourself permission to chart the life of your dreams.  Do the work to get there.  I'm here to help!

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