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Style Starts Now!

October 27, 2014

Stepping It Up

Monthly Round-Up

Photo by M.B.Cotto
Woo-hoo!  It has been an amazing month here at DailyOutfit!  

I started the month by hosting a wonderful workshop in The Hague and I'm about fly off to NYC to host another one in Brooklyn -- plus my first Style Maven Cocktail Party!  So excited!!

I lost my Dad to the playoffs -- he's still fully wrapped up in baseball -- and Malala won the Nobel.  AND I debuted my beautiful manifesto.

Phew!  All of this growth and stepping into my spotlight has not come easy.  It's a big risk to put yourself out there, to invite people into your ideas and your passions.  

Don't I know it -- I have been wrestling my own personal demons all month!  Fear and doubt are my two evil step-sisters and they are doing everything they can to keep me below stairs.  

Not gonna happen, ladies!

When I start to feel their prickly fingers steal over me (and it always happens from the back of my neck...why?), I take heart in Martin Luther King's words:  "You don't have to see the whole staircase.  Just take the first step."  

Martin changed the world.  If it worked for him, it can work for me!

Focusing the steps in front of me, tacking each one individually, it is much easier.  Instead of huffing and puffing and searching for oxygen, now I can look back and celebrate how far I've come!  Yay!

Speaking of which, here are the details on my workshop and my cocktail partyin NYC: Starts Now! Workshop in Park Slope
I have only 2 seats left for this empowering workshop -- to help you step into YOUR spotlight. 

Give yourself the afternoon to allow me and my team of experts to help you start feeling beautiful and confident every day. 


Style Maven Cocktail Party in TriBeCa

DailyOutfit is celebrating its 7th Anniversary, so I'm hosting a cocktail party in my favorite city!

I love a great cocktail and this spot was recommended by a great friend who is totally in-the-know. 

Join me!  It's going to be super-fun!

Here's a lovely comment I received this month about the Style Starts Now! Workshop in The Hague:

"Thank you to Allison Hamilton-Rohe for a wonderful Style Workshop! I learned new things about myself and felt pampered, too!"
- Patricia Raynolds

Thanks, Patricia!  I'm so very glad you enjoyed it!

It makes such a difference to me to know that I'm making a difference in people's lives.  This is what gets me up in the morning and propels me to keep coming up with fun and inventive ways to help you start your style journey.  

Everyday Style. You know I'm a first adopter when it comes to technology and shopping. I love it when the power of the web can make life easy -- especially when it comes to style!  So, I had to share Resultly with you!

Here's a sampling of some of my collections:


I'll be creating a collection for each monthly look.  You can shop straight from the collection, comment or ask questions of your own.  It's going to be fun to explore this new site!

Want more?
- Click here to read, "Everyday Style."
Click here to explore my collection on Resultly.

Manifest-o Monday.  DailyOutfit celebrated its 7th Anniversary this month.  It's hard for me to believe it's been 7 years!?!  I started this blog way before blogging was cool.  

But, I never really talked a lot about why I started DailyOutfit in the first place -- I just started doing it.

In my posts Creating A Safe Space and Why the WHY, I discuss my motivation and mission with DailyOutfit.

Want more? 
- Click here to read, "Manifest-o Monday," "Creating A Safe Space" and "Why the WHY"
Click here to book your discovery session with me to start your own style journey!

DailyOutfit's October LookFandom is different for different people.  For some, it's an ardent love of sports teams.  For me, it's galvanizing female leaders.  For others, it's both and more.

When Fanatics asked me to write a post about game-day style, I knew I had to say YES.

The power of dress can be a key to your success.

At sports games, you dress in your team's colors and iconography to cheer them on and show your support.  

For female leaders, dress can be a burden or a boon -- depending on whether she chooses to bury her light or harness it to propel her message forward.  

 Want more? 
- Click here to read, "DailyOutfit's October Look." 
Click here to book your discovery session to harness the power of dress for your success!

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October 20, 2014

Style Starts Now! Workshop in Park Slope

This is not about vanity. This is about YOU.
It is about spending time on YOU and understanding how style can make your dreams come true.
  • How many times have you told yourself you'll feel better when _____ (fill in the blank)?
  • Why not start feeling better now?

--> Learn how to make style work for YOU

--> Learn how to to take a great selfie: of YOU!

--> Learn how to take care of YOU

Selfies. Self-Care. Style.

Have you heard of a better way to spend your Saturday?
Join me at the Style Starts Now Workshop!
Saturday, November 1st in Park Slope
Workshop is limited to 10 participants.
Special Launch Price: $250
When You Book by October 22

October 16, 2014

DailyOutfit's October Look

I have lost my father.  He's not actually lost -- don't worry -- but he's not talking to me.  And it's not that we've had a disagreement.

Everything is totally fine.  He's well, he's happy in his apartment attached to my sister and brother-in-law's house.  My sister tells me she's barely spoken to him either. 

The issue is the playoffs.

Really? wins the Nobel Peace Prize at 17, my Dad won't talk to me because of -- what sport is it?  Baseball?  I don't even know.  I had to ask Google -- and even then it didn't make a lot of sense to me.  But, I'm pretty sure it's about the Orioles.  

Now, my Dad spent his life in public service.  He read 2-3 newspapers every day for his entire adult life.  He's a bright, engaging, and generous man.  I know he's incredibly proud of Malala and is inspired by the amazing work she's doing -- as am I!

And the truth is I love sports.  I rode horses, played soccer, field hockey, rowed and love my mornings at the gym.  But, I never really understood watching sports.

On occasion, sure.  World Cup or the Superbowl.

Obviously, super-cool people do it.  Check out JT and Jessica.  So cute.

But me?  I watch to know what other people are talking about and to enjoy their company.

So -- when Fanatics asked me to write a post about how to rock great style with baseball hats, I thought.  Yup, I definitely need do that.  Because the key to enjoying sports for me is looking at what other people in the stadium are wearing.

Yup -- that's right -- it all comes down to style (of course).

Strangely, I seem to find myself in lands where everyone wants to wear orange.  Orioles-land.  Neder-land.

Lucky for me that I am a mix between a Summer and a Spring and can get away with wearing orange.  Most people can't.

No joke.

After all, style's my thing.  I even caught myself thinking how gorgeous Malala's khimar was (had to look that one up; hope this blog post was accurate) and how it complemented her coloring beautifully.

I mean, look how gorgeous she is!

I am *such* a fan!!


So, fans, here's how we rock it at the game:


+ + + +


+ + + +


+ + + +

Keep it casual, don't over-do.  I implore you.  Choose one place for the brand and coordinate with your colors.  Face-paint -- yes -- but let your outfit be about YOU.

Embrace your fandom -- and yes, let's do it with style!

WANT TO KICK-START YOUR STYLE?  Join me at my Style Starts Now! Workshop in Brooklyn on November 1!